Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The first Storm.....

Not to get me wrong.
I realize there were only 3 entry with 'Summer theme'.
The truth is, it's like eternal summer over here, what with the protracted rainy season last year.
It totally feels as if we never know rain. Oi!
So when the first tropical storm hit for the first time last Sunday.... ooooo.....
Excited, gleeful, blessed... do not even begin to describe the feeling we have.
Even when we found out on Monday (when we got to school) that Kecil's school was canceled for the day due to the storm (hmmpph!).

Still... it was really refreshing, in many more ways than one,
Thanks to the breath of fresh air, the break from the necessity of watering the plants, not to mention a certain sight outside my door:

Ain't it a lovely sight?

The story was that we went over next door to give Ami's (belated) birthday present.
After spending some time playing indoor, Ami decided to go out, wearing her own version of 'Rainy Day Regalia': pink raincoat, pink boots and pink umbrella.
Of course Kecil wanted to follow suit.
It so happen that Kecil just got her own raincoat, her Daddy's old raincoat, specially kept and brought by her Eyangs.
As for the boots, they were originally Ami's.
But they have not been worn, since Ami (obviously) preferred the pink ones.
Since they matched Kecil.... well....

I think Kecil was a bit confused with all the stuff about rain.
There she was, looking slightly lost amidst all the excitement (on the part of Ami and the dog).

And because she has very firm ideas about how you should be with an umbrella when it rains, she was so clasping her umbrella firmly throughout.

Well, 2 days afterward, the rains are gone, the sky is back to clear blue, and the temperature had soared back up.
But at least we can live on, knowing we are quite ready for the rains should the season starts
And we are hoping that it will start soon.

Here's to more rain, more greens and more fresh, cool air.
Wishing you joy in whatever season currently gracing your homes!

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