Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Summer theme: Outside

Going outside
 As summer temperature soars, Mama & Kecil simply had to come up with ways to cope.
To Mama's understanding, there are basically 2 school of thoughts: you can hunker down and hide, or you can simply embrace it.
Given the relative cost (central airconditioning bill is so NOT cheap!), we chose the obvious choice of embracing the heat.
Went outside, enjoy the heat, and the ability to do things that is only possible given the heat.

Splashing around?
Ahaha... something like that.
Summer is nation-wide holiday over here with schools going on holiday for the whole 3 months.
Naturally, shops are stocked to the brim with all summer 'essentials', things like inflatable pools, sand castle making equipment, etc.
Such irresistible offering for some family members given the presence of a certain precocious toddler.
So after a brand new set of swimming suit, a set of inflatable pool (inflated using our kind neighbor's pump), we're off for some serious summer splashing!



Coming out
And of course, since we borrowed the pump from our neighbor, we should also invite her to the pool, right?
Kecil &Ami
Tit for Tat
Ugh ogh, I guess it is a bit much to expect the two of them to play 'nicely' for too long, ya?

But anyway, we are enjoying summer so far, outside.
What kind of weather are you enjoying currently?

"My life in paradise"

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