Monday, May 16, 2011

The Little Surfer

Well, after the big storm, a few rains and some clouds, the sun apparently decided to come back full time on Sunday. So hot hot hot!
So late afternoon, we decided to follow the sun, and test drive yet another piece of loot from the holiday visit: the surfing board, ahem... the car-shaped float from Eyang.

Ugh, this Mama can feel hot again just by looking at the picture. Here's another one with the sun, which also happen to be Mama's favorite pic:

You might think we are crazy to swim under such HOT sun, but fortunately the swimming pool is usually covered in shade by 3.30pm, so... no sweat.
Mama was kind of hoping that the water would colder though. It was positively warm!

Even Kecil made noise! Hahaha... well.. she went in anyway, and we had a pretty good time in the pool: Kecil, Mama & Daddy.
Too bad there was no kind soul to take some pics for us, so... just take it in faith that we were all there, yes?
Here's for the floating Little One...

How did your weekend go?

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