Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the blanket

Between dreaming, growing, resting and generally sleeping, sometimes accident does happen while her royal Highness was sleeping.
Given such predilection, a thick comforter that does not fit into the in-house washing machine is not the most practical arrangement of Kecil's sleeping area, no matter how much Kecil love to snuggle under the said comforter right before she falls asleep daily.
So we came up with a new arrangement.
It's called a new blanket.

A pink, flowery, extremely girly Hello Kitty blanket. Ahem.
Well... for one, the girl in question happen to love both the color pink and Hello Kitty.
Two, it just so happen that the market in town has, not one but two!, shops specializing in Hello Kitty merchandise, which include the said blanket, at affordable prices.
What a Mama to do?

So the Little Girl LOVES her new blankie.
Both for sleeping and for jumping around whenever she came to her room to be greeted with a sight of the said blanket spread over her bed, proudly displaying the huge Kitty.

Hhh... this Mama never thought that she would buy something like it.
But then again, Kecil is happy.
So Mama is happy.

Night night, Kecil. Sleep well and sweet dreams.

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