Wednesday, April 20, 2011


As the Kid and her best friend continues growing up each day,
This Mama is getting the lesson all Mamas are learning everyday:
At times, there are more following than leading when it comes to parenting.
Just as on one summer afternoon...

Covering more details
This Mama became a witness to some elaborate planning & execution of a late afternoon walkies led by the two friends.

And so this Mama follows, acting simply as a guardian, to ensure safety (and that no fight ensued). Needless to say, Mama learns quite a few things from following, like....

Utilizing any kind of space for 'play'

Recapturing the joy of being barefoot

Posing, naturally

Wielding your umbrella

Even using natural material to tell the story of 'summer'
It was indeed an enjoyable summer afternoon, simply following. How's your summer so far?

Enjoying a summer afternoon

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