Sunday, April 17, 2011

how difficult is it?

It's been a while since Mama played with the camera, so on one sunny day, it was decided that Mama should try her hand again on food photography.
Starting with just simple everyday item from the kitchen, really, how hard would it be, right?

Onions... and hand
Ahem... not THAT easy, as it turn out.
Not with a certain pair of itchy hands always trying to 'help' with the process.

Measuring spoons... and hand
These hands kept on trying to steal Mama's prop, butting in for prime focus positions, totally stealing the scene. So... we try distracting the Little Girl with other things.... like her own apron...

Seems to be working for a while...
Then it backfired, as the Little Girl decided that she then had the 'duty' to be the main cook, and therefore entitled to all the tools Mama had kindly provided. Ahem...

Moral of the story? It was difficult. Ha!

 But then again, after receiving my 'pay' in her smiles... not to mention the imaginary soups she managed to prepare... I am so not going to complain.
It was great fun.

I guess the kitchen thermometer and the spoons just have to wait for another sunny day when Kecil takes a nap.

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