Monday, April 4, 2011

"piter patter"

Time to dress me up, Mama!
 It's been said that as parents get older, they would long for the piter patter small feet once again in the form of grandchildren.
Well... the saying is quite inapplicable to us, this Mama and Daddy: one, because we are still young
And two... seriously, who came up with 'piter patter' anyway?
Early morning on Sunday(!), those little feet sounds more like BAAM BAAM BOOM BOOM on the wooden floored short hallway that separates the master bedroom from the Kecil's.

So not piter patter.
And at practically the crack of dawn, these young Mama and Daddy is so not longing for anything but simply more sleep.
Still, I suppose there is always the theoretical probability that someday we will miss this kind of mornings. And that is the reason why there are photographs: to capture those beautiful (albeit sleepy) moments and freeze them in time to be enjoyed forever.

Capturing moments

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