Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Sunday ...

... was a day for pretty, flowery dresses, cotton candy, and outdoor festivities...

Amidst all the new stuff, the confusion... I think Kecil still managed to enjoy herself, eventually.
It was just too bad that she missed out on the egg hunt.
Not to be deterred, though, since GrandMama and Mama had already arranged for her own private hunt at the backyard: Gram colored the eggs, and Mama hid them.

With some help from GramM, we managed to recover all FOUR eggs.
Not too bad for Kecil's very first egg hunt.
Especially if you can count that huge yellow one right at the end as a bonus one.

T'was a huge egg, no?
And so... despite it being late by four days.... wish you all a Good Easter!

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