Saturday, April 2, 2011

a cabinet-full of giggles...

THE Cabinet
Once upon a time, Mama decided that she wanted to fill up this corner near the front door with a cabinet, to drop keys, pens, and other knicks knacks. Mama and Daddy looked high and low for something nice, and found this 'children wardrobe'. It was a nice size, just the perfect height and width, and Mama was happy. She thought she could use the cabinet for LOTS of things. Ah, silly Mama.
Mama did try to keep the umbrellas there, only to find them strewn all over the hallway by someone else who were obviously VERY happy with the new addition of furniture. Still very happy about it too.
And of course, what is happiness if it is not shared?
So... here's what I found in the cabinet the other day:

Lots of GIGGLES!

Some worried faces?
And still more GIGGLES!

Huge smiles and happy faces
Ah well.. I suppose there are still other nooks and crannies in which I can hide my umbrellas.

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