Monday, March 28, 2011

Mama's friendliest bee

Last Friday marked the end of the school term, at which point we had a Graduation/Recognition ceremony.
Kecil's first ceremony ever! I think there was a lot of confusion, TONS of effort (especially on the teachers' part!), but also lots of fun.

Confused Little Girl
Lot's of confusion :: well... for one, the ceremony, while still held within school ground, was held outside, instead of inside the school building. Of course, playing outside on any normal days does present some safety issue, the school being right next to a main road. I suppose the teachers were also counting on the parents to play their part in keeping the kids away from the main road during the D-day.

Still confused
For two, ceremonies are not quite like normal classes, is it? Especially when you are talking about toddler/playgroups where you basically play or at best have educational plays with the hope that kids will learn something out of the play. Haha...

Testing the 'stage'
Then there was also the stuff that the kids need to do: lining up to their assigned seats, dancing their piece in front of everyone, and to come upstage to receive their certificates.
Not stuff for the fainthearted, I tell you. Still.. with some help, Kecil managed all right.
Except for the dance. Despite the last minute practice with Mama the night before, she froze up on stage, just watching the teachers trying their best to 'inspire' the toddlers to do their moves.

Uhmm... Mama tried to take a video, but being more familiar with the camera function, somehow the camera turned a trick and the video turned out quite badly. At the same time, no photos as Mama was busy trying to get the video mode up during the dance. Hmmpph!

The Bee Medal
So Kecil may not get a medal for her dancing, but apparently she is still being commended as the friendliest student in her class! And hence, the precious Bee medal.

Following the rest of the ceremony
The ceremony took a while, with all the students being recognized for their best behavior, and of course, a certificate of completion for each student.

End of ceremony picture

No ceremony is ever complete without a picture of two with friends. Little Karin is going away back to her home country soon after the ceremony, so... it was only fitting that the two of them have their pics taken together.

Lastly, despite 'just' being recognized for her best behavior and completion of the term, having Kecil going through a ceremony feels like another milestone for Mama. We would still definitely have lots of these in the future, and this Mama knows that Kecil would continue to make her loved ones proud and happy.

Proudly presenting
Mama's Little Friendliest Bee, indeed.

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