Tuesday, March 8, 2011

it's growing!

Still remember our 'wall-art'? I am so delighted to be able to report that it has grown.
In fact, it is still growing. Here it is as of Sunday:

THE wall art
 So... Kecil had so far learned the alphabet B, and numbers from 1 to 4 (Can you spot them all?)

Now that I am a parent, I think I can say that I love school. Hahaha! I do hope that Kecil does as well.
Oh, and by the way, even as I am writing this, the picture up there was already out of date, as we had received two more pieces today. So now Kecil is up to 5!

Not so sure if she got the idea behind the numbers, but she sure recognize (and saying them out loud!) the vegetables/fruits being used to illustrate the idea. Especially the latest (absent) ones: 4 bananas and 5 apples. Hahaha!

THE arts corner

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