Friday, March 4, 2011

field trip: the beach

The Life Guard's post
It was a field trip to a beach resort, yes? So obviously there is some beach somewhere there.
And indeed there was, a beautiful, pristine white, sandy beach, with mild waves and warm water right underneath the vivid blue sky.
It just happen that beaches are not quite in the top ten of Kecil's favorite things.
And she would rather stay on this side of the barrier, thank you very much.

THIS side of the barrier
 Still, I suppose the beach still make for an amazing backdrop up there.
As to why she does not have a great love for the beach? Well... maybe thanks to her mountain-dweller of a mother, who is still learning to love swimming in the sea water?
Or would it just be the sand that goes everywhere, especially in the shoe department?

Eek, sandy shoes, Mama!
But then again, maybe the hot sun above might have something to do with her reluctance as well.
In any case, we decided to move away from the beach, and walking back to the resort compound, we were greeted with a sight of this lovely rock of a bowl:

Huge flower in a rock bowl filled up with water, accessorized with a wooden/coconut scoop
 Ain't it cute? These bowls are everywhere, their sole purpose is to provide water for washing sandy feet and shoes so that both the person entering the area and the area itself, can be relatively less  umm... sandy. Hehe..
Staring in incomprehension
It was a hit with Kecil once she figured out what it was for.
So we walked around the compound. Here's one of the many dining areas available:

Outdoor dining tables
 I am so in love with that basket just slightly away from the table. Not only I covet one of those for my own laundry basket at home, the availability of one near the table is simply brilliant, don't you think?
Ahem, please note that they are NOT rubbish bin, but rather a storage solution for your (normally gigantic) beach bags and what nots.
So, you can appreciate the brilliance of the idea? Me thought so.

Scattered around the area are also these bird-house-like structures, which I dub 'water-house' since it is indeed their function: to provide drinking water for the thirsty guests.
Kecil was sooo intriqued by the house, she nagged me to no end just to get her water from the water-house countless times. Seriously.

 There was a little bridge over a small pond near the entrance, around which loitered a few white ducks.
Watching the ducks
The ducks in question

It was all and all a beautiful place. We are really glad we went for the trip

This Mama does realize that this post does not really have a lot of frontal pics of the Little One. Well... one needs some change, right? Let's just take it as the Little One's view, shall we? Mama will try to include more pics of her highness next time.

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