Thursday, March 10, 2011

one hundreth post!!!

Has it really been 100 posts? After oh so long (this is the 4th calendar year, according to the archives)...

And in the mean time, THAT baby, has grown into THIS kiddo:

Who can already run, jump, talk, spout arguments, say Please, make logical demands...

This Mama is still learning, is still exploring.
Thank you for coming along. I hope you do enjoy the ride, together with the Little One.
Do expect more 'memory lane' kind of posts as we look back into the in between that happens between the two photos above.

In the spirit of properly acknowledging contribution, this Mama will start from this post onward to attribute images not taken by the official photographer. The first image was by Eyang Kakung, I believe. Mama back then was still resting from uhmm... all the efforts of bringing Kecil into the world.


  1. Wooo keren amat!!!!
    Salut sama kakakku yang rajin ngeblog huhuhu *salaman* *peluk-peluk*

  2. Btw, just to make sure nothing bad ever happen.. Do you keep a back up of your blog posts? Preferably so.. :) *well, I haven't got mine either, but a friend chit chat in twitter advises so. :) *dan emang pernah ada blog temen ke reset gitu katanya.. sedih banget kaannn


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