Wednesday, March 9, 2011

more hair...

My 'knotty' little Girl
Perhaps some of you were wondering about what the baby chair was doing under the growing wall-art? Well... the answer lies with that 'knotty' little girl of mine.

You see, the reason why Mama managed to make those two very cute little knots is also the reason why Mama's hand is getting more and more itchy each day.
Her hair is getting too long!
It gets to the eyes, it covers the face while swimming. Ugh!

Until the itch became unbearable, and snip snip went the scissors.

It's not much, just enough so she has shorter bangs that no longer covers her eyes and her face, beautiful that they are.

And no picture. One hand wielding the scissor, the other the comb, alternating between the tasks while also keeping Kecil in place... no more hand (or energy) to take pictures. Oh, but you can see what we did once we were done cutting:
Asymmetrical pigtails with Hello Kitty ornaments
Hahaha... Mama needs to learn better hairdressing. Still, she looks adorable, doesn't she?

Victim of Mama's itchy hands
And you can't quite tell that Mama has cut some hair, can you?
Well... her teacher noticed it almost immediately. I guess I was not the only one who got itchy hand with her long bangs. Hahahaha.....

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