Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shoes! part deux

Yet Another Pink one
It was not that we purposely kept this Yet-Another-Pink one aside. But back on Sunday, when Mama took the rest of the shoe photographs, this one was still quietly hibernating in storage, waiting for the day when Kecil's feet is big enough to fill up its space.
Not that her feet has grown overnight, mind you.
But Kecil did find This Pink One while rummaging through the shoe cabinet, and she wouldn't rest before Mama put it on her feet.
And boy does she ADORE, LOVE this new (to her) pair.

Front view

Tante Lia bought this pair together with the Pink Skool shoes from a yard sale and brought it along when we met in Singapore earlier this year.
Apparently the previous owner also outgrew these shoes at record speed.
We can all hope that since Kecil took to wearing these a bit early, it will stay with her hopefully a bit longer.

The Perfect Shoes
Oh, and did I mention she LOVE, HEART, ADORE the shoes?
They are just the perfect shoes for our daily walk, it seems.
Perfect for running, jumping, exploring...

You should see the change that happens the moment she put on those shoes,
It was as if suddenly her feet spouted wings, or something.

 And truth to be told, Mama does not quite know for sure whether to be very glad, or to be a bit apprehensive about the sky high boost in self confidence.
On the one hand, there is definitely the joy of watching the various antics of a little Kiddo, so sure of herself and her ability
On the other hand, should she judge wrong, Mama is the one to bail her out.
We are talking here about adding the extra push, providing extra balance, giving her a pull out of the too deep (dry) drains, and (God forbid), also kissing away any boo boos that might happen.

There is the JOY
There is always be the JOY
So I will keep that part firmly in mind, and just go with the flow.
In the meantime, you too can enjoy the ride.

Hup hup hup....

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