Wednesday, March 2, 2011

field trip: the pool

Water baby
Somehow Kecil ended up being the first one in the pool. But then again, are we really surprised?
Yah, basically the baby pool was the first destination of the group.
It was beautiful, only about 60cm deep, with plenty of seats around. So ideal for a bunch of half awake little kids.

Toys aboard
The trip being to a beach resort, Mama actually made an extra effort to collect Kecil's beach toys (which, by the way, had never seen real action on the beach) to bring along.
Kecil is very happy with them, but not so happy about sharing them with the other kids.
Oh dear, we still have a long way to go on this one, borrowing, shared ownership and such.

Running up the stairs to...?
And here is Kecil, suddenly running up the stairs. ???

Hmm.. ya, I'll have you know that there is actually a proper water slide right next to the pool,
And of course such a presence proved to be too much a challenge for the Little One.

The water slide in the background
Can you see the waterslide?
The thing with water slide is that no matter how small or how gently sloped the slide, there is water at the end,
And if you do not control your slide well, ya... you really get IN the water, even in a very shallow pool.

Still, these are facts which are beyond the Kid's understanding, so she went on.
She actually even went for a second ride when she lost her balance somewhere along the slide and went into the water in an unglamorous heap.
Then for the third ride, she actually dragged her Mama along. Ha!


Then we got stopped by the lifeguard. Hehe...

I don't think life was easy that day for the lifeguards on duty. The one in charge actually had to ask for a back up because kids kept on crowding at the mouth of the slide, which is dangerous should someone come sliding down. They might get kicked into water or something.

Anyway, after the third slide, Kecil seemed to lost her appetite for more pool activities, so we got dressed and went on somewhere else for other things to do.

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