Thursday, April 28, 2011

Summer theme: family

As you all saw from the Easter photos, summer had not only brought along Kecil's first ever egg hunt, but some family members as well.
Eyang Kakung, Eyang Uti and a certain lovely Tante arrived during the Easter week to spend sometime with Kecil, spending the holiday as well as observing Kecil in school and at home LIVE instead of through whatever scant documentations that Mama can provide.

Suffice to say, Kecil enjoys being the center of attention of OH so many people!
Not to mention the mountain of gifts that came along in Eyangs' suitcases.
But we'll cover that one by one.
In the meantime, let Mama presents... the family:

Eyang Kakung
Eyang Uti
Tante ...
So the sun might shine so brightly and oh so hot,
But I think we'll be fine enjoying ourselves with the family.
We do hope that your days are just as great too, no matter the weather.

With love...

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