Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Birthday Treat

view above the horse head

So... did you get to find the hint hidden in the last post? Just in case you did not, the photo above should be the 'hint' that you see when you move your mouse over the image in that 'hint' post.
This Mama just learned this mouseover HTML trick over the week and the birthday treat presented just THE perfect opportunity to unleash it on you guys (She also managed to write a tutorial on it, just in case you are interested to do a similar trick).

As for Kecil's birthday treat... Yup. We went horseback riding at the nearby uhmm... stable? riding facility? whatever.
You might still remember our holidays in the mountain where we went for a short ride in the rain:

Mama and Kecil on horseback in Baguio

Well... Kecil never got over the experience, apparently. As Skool term rolled on, often we had to take public transport, which sometimes took a detour through the road near the stables.
We would keep our eyes peeled for any sign of the horses.
After her birthday celebration, Mama and Daddy decided that should the weather turn out to be good, we should take her horse riding on Sat. And we did!

Golden Rafe close up

Lady Jane on the steps

Excited Kecil

Meet Mamas (temporary) horse, the Golden Rafe, Daddy & Kecil's horse, Lady Jane and the very excited Little Girl.
For various reasons, we decided that Kecil would ride with her Daddy while Mama rode alone and took pictures.

Daddy & Kecil get settled on the horseback

Mama on horseback, followed by Daddy & Kecil

Kecil & Daddy with their horse and guide, and Mama riding in front (photo of Mama taken by Mama's guide).
The ride was about 1 hour long, covering a short trek to a nearby waterfall.
After so much rain in the past few months, the trek is not the easiest (or the smoothest) thing to do on earth, but we managed all right.


El Kabayo waterfall sign

muddy trek seen from horseback
The stables, the waterfall sign and the muddy trek

We took a break at the waterfall to let the horses rest for a while. For us, we just took a look around since we've been there before, but Mama's horse guide took the opportunity to really cool himself by jumping into the water. (Sorry no pic)
But the best part of the story was ... it seemed that the horse handlers did not tie the horses properly (if they did), and when we got back to the 'landing' area, the horses were nowhere to be found!
It took our guides a few minutes to locate the horses, but it was a good laugh all around, except for a slightly distressed Little Girl.

Mama's guide 'borrowed' Mama's camera on the way back, taking pictures of us and Mama. So, in case you were wondering about Mama's sudden appearances, that's why.

Kecil with helmet at the waterfall

Daddy and Kecil

All in all, we had real great fun.
Well... and we very much hope that Kecil did as well, even if she kept putting on her 'worried face' once she was on the horse.
Still, by the amount of excitement that tinge her voice whenever she tried to retell the story of how she rides the horse, I guess she had fun.

Here's hoping that you had a good weekend (and a good start to a new week) as well!

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