Sunday, June 26, 2011

Holiday in the Mountains

Some of you might have noticed some strange backgrounds in Kecil's photos with her Tante.
Well.. indeed, once Tante arrived, we only waited one day while Mama attended her classes before we whisked her along to a short getaway to the country's Summer Capital.
It so happened that it was a long weekend last week, so... even if it was not quite the season to visit the place.... why not, right?

So we open the map, check out some guidebooks, plan the trip, book some accommodation, pack our bags, shanghaied Kecil's tante, and off we went.

Checking that the bed is comfortable enough

Amenities check

As far the holiday went, it was pretty cool. After living so long in coastal area, it's so refreshing to see pine trees, shiver in the cool, fresh air, and even to go through foggy landscape.
Despite the continuous rain (no storm, luckily!), we all managed to enjoy ourselves.

Ready for the rain, of course we took along Kecil's yellow raincoat.
We went around sightseeing, visiting some touristy spot, got lost here and there.... that kind of thing.
The true, biggest highlight of the trip, however, would be the Mama & Kecil matching outfit:

Ahem... ow well.
It was NOT really about the matching outfit. Do you notice the thing that Mama and Kecil was sitting on? It's a horse!
You still remember how Kecil was riding the Dog at home, surely?
This time she got the REAL horse.

And THAT, was truly truly the highlight of Kecil's holiday in the mountain.
A week later, she is still talking about how she 'like. horse. black!'

I'm really glad we went for the ride, even through the light rain.
Not too sure if we are going back to the City of Pines, but am pretty sure that wherever we go, should there be another opportunity for another ride, we'll take it.

That's all on Kecil's latest (?) adventure.
How about you? Have you been on any adventure lately?

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  1. Ahaha kenapa pas naik kuda, mukanya manyun gitu?? *hahaha* Just read this first thing in the Monday morning. A great mood booster, waaa.. ^^ ^^


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