Saturday, June 25, 2011

Skool Crafts

So... as mentioned yesterday, Skool has started again, and with it, a barrage of all kinds of result from the various arts and crafts activities have made their way into the house.
Would you like to see them?

 School name tag

Father's day card, complete with a hand print

Oh, and did you notice the 'decoration' on the chair?
Ahem.... apparently a certain somebody thinks that the chair is lacking in cheerful decoration.
Anyway... moving on to the rest of the arts stuff:

Learning to say 'my name is.."

It's so gratifying to see Kecil coming back home everyday so proud of her handywork.
Better still, given her new outfit, also known as the 'Skool Dress'!

Well... here's hoping for a good school year ahead, uniform, friends, artsy stuff and all.

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