Tuesday, September 7, 2010

She's TWO!!!

The Oh-not-so-little-anymore
The Little One turned 2 yesterday!
Ah, the lament of every parent, how fast the kids grow up.
Where did time flies, indeed!
But then again, little though she might be,
This Little One is one pretty accomplished lady.
Just look at her list of accomplishments:

  • She knows how to play with 'putri malu' (touch-me-not plants)

  • She can climb the ladder on the slide in the park.

  • She can shop for 'health drink' and panty liners on her own.

  • She can pick her own fruits, even though they are quite inedible!

  • She can open the fridge herself and steal her favourite mango juice!

  • She can tell Mummy to take care when Mummy goes out
Mummy, bring umbrella. It's the rainy season, it might rain!
  • She can take the Dog for walkies and even scold the Dog for misbehaving!
Bad Dog!
  • She can pose for the camera!
One, two... Hey Doggie, come here and take some pic!
And many more not captured in pictures.

Our Little One has grown up....


  1. She's two and indeed has grown up yaaa..
    Di fotonya terlihat kayak udah toddler aja, gede gitu hihi.. Mwah mwah for Chitra.. Happy Birthday!!

  2. Honey, she's already considered a toddler when she started walking,
    but of course for 7yo kids like our neighbour, she's still considered a 'baby'. haha...


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