Thursday, September 30, 2010

New 'Toys'

If you ever wonder why I don't really take pictures of the Little One with her toys, well....
It's not because she does not have any,
She has some, not many
In fact, I think she's qualified as the girl with the least toys in the neighbourhood. (Bad parents!)
Hm... but I do notice that while she plays a bit with her toys, she plays more with the real stuff that Mama and Daddy use (Ah, ya, that's how she calls her parents, Mama and Daddy. Quite the mismatched set, don't you think?)
So.. that will be Mama's pots and pans, Daddy's belt, Blackberry and name cards, and whatever things that she can find around the house.

These past few days Mama just started her foray into the world of sewing. No finished result yet from Mama, but apparently the Little One was struck by 'inspiration' for 'toys'.
Would you just look at her!
The 'Baby' toy
The original source of 'inspiration was actually some batik cloth I am working on. I believe she kind of remember being carried in a similar cloth when she was younger, so... she likes to pretend that she is still that baby. She'll come up to Mama saying 'bibi, bibi' (for 'baby), which means that Mama needs to wrap her with the cloth. Carrying her is often optional.

Then that day I got a brilliant idea of tying the cloth under her chin. I think she does not mind it, even if she does not quite like the idea.

Oh, and by the way, just an update, the jeans skirt that she wears in the photos? It was a gift from Tante Rina, and it used to fit pretty fine. Since she started potty training, however, she hasn't worn any pampers underneath, and now the skirt has a tendency to slip down. Maybe Mama needs to fatten the Little One a wee bit more, just so her butt can hold up the skirt in place now that there is no more pampers to hold the skirt up. Hahaha....

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