Thursday, September 2, 2010

Animals around

Penny was very fascinated...
Quite a couple days back, our Japanese neighbour confided that there was a mouse sighted in her kitchen, much to her distress.
The day after, however, I turned out that her husband decided to take the matter to his own hand, and used a mouse trap to catch the mouse.

And lookee what we found outside the house that morning.... a mouse in the trap, baited with a piece of ham.

Oh, dear, the Dog was soooo fascinated, she would not be tored of the spot, watching the cretin!
And she gave the mouse a terrible fright by sticking her nose onto the trap!
The mouse ran all over, but it has only the whole volume of the trap to itself.
I finally had to drag the Dog using her leash in order to get her away from the mouse.

The little one, watching her Mama shouting at the dog, of course did not want to be left out, and did (try to) exert her 'authority' over the dog by shouting at the dog as well.

To no avail, needless to say.

Still.. it was cute to see her shouting commands at the dog.
GO! Eany'i!

By the way, since we are on the topic of animals, these monkeys are a pretty common sight here in the complex. I think there's like a colony of them living around the complex, up in the trees, feeding from whatever scraps that they can find.

They are especially fond of this area, I think because the dustbins on this particular street are not properly covered, which translates to accessible food for the monkeys.

If I ever ran out of ideas, I can always start observing these monkeys. I am not too sure about their social dynamics, but I think there's an alpha male in a group, with a few female followers and male/female children and adolescents. There was one day when we saw almost the whole group, there were actually 7 babies hanging on their respective mothers!

I suppose they are not going extinct anytime soon then.

On a last note, just the picture below.
haha... I can't resist, I AM corny, I know. Enjoy!

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