Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Blogger now have a direct link to your Picasa album! Way to go! This certainly makes putting pictures here a breeze. Now if only I can get the hang of text placement around the pictures, life will be VERY good. I guess I do not really have to do it that way. Most blogs I read simply put photos in the middle and text after the photos instead of surrounding the photos with text. But I am stubborn.

Our outdoor furniture.
It's not much, just two (comfortable) chairs and a stool in the middle. Stuff like these are expensive here. Or maybe we simply haven't found where to get cheap but good quality ones. We bought them last year after all the storms, when the sun finally shines (with vengeance, I should say), and we never regretted getting them.
They did not get quite that much use, but especially nowadays with the Little One's  propensity towards the outdoor, they come in very handy indeed.

And what do you know? Even the Little One loves the chair, in her own way.
I don't have a picture, so you'll just have to take my word for it, but upon observing how her parents like to put their feet up on the stool, the Little One did not want to be left behind.
She would ask that the stool be put in front of the seat she occupied, and slouch forward just so that her toes can reach the stool.

I guess by the time this photo was taken, she finally figured a way to make the chair 'work' for her size. So now, instead of having two upright chairs at the back like in the first picture, usually we would end up with one upright and one 'fallen' chair after being used by the Little One.

What about this photo, you said?
Well, this one was taken early morning when she just woke up. I guess she wasn't aware about the 'wrong' chair position yet. Kekekek...

(but she was awake enough to put a star on her cheek. Hmm...  It's not me, really!)

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