Friday, September 3, 2010

New Clothes from Eyangs!

A package arrived a few days back, full of new clothes for the Little One (well... plus 1 piece each for Ami, Nata and Mama).
I think we are all very happy with the new clothes, so here are the pictures of our 'happiness'.
(Some I have not manage to take, but... well.. you got the gist. Anyway, just enjoy!)

Umbrella for rain or shine... always ready
This is my favourite of the lot, love the model, even if I think it's a bit tight around the chest area.
It was quite revealing (how brown my baby is), so I put her in her old white onesie, and then I layer the dress.
I believe that she LOVES every part of the ansemble, from the dress, the sunglasses, the (slightly broken) umbrella, hahaha....
And of course, they all matched!

Look at the photo below, she looks as if she's starring in her own batik advertisement.
Any guess on where I took the pics?

The Orange Tee is perfect for bright sunny day.
I love the contrast in these 2 photos. She looked like a tai-tai just finished with her shopping on the left, while on the right, she's more of a shy model.
Hmm... Mummy has way too active imagination.

Oh, dear, she was soo happy with this particular dress, I couldn't get a clear picture of her.

It's still lovely, the dress, I mean.

Just woke up. Grouchy. Sleepy.
I love my new dress..z..z..z..z

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