Monday, October 11, 2010

Mama & Baby...

I guess it's not that easy to take photo of oneself.
Especially with factors like..
- never quite liking most of my photos
- having a beautiful specimen of a daughter to take LOADS of pics of

But if there is anything I learn, even Mama needs to have a space in front of the camera instead of just behind one.
And so Mama made the effort.
And there has been quite a few Mama & baby photos, some better than others.
Ah well....

To the rest of Mamas out there, may you have a space next to your beautiful babies as well....

Hmm... definitely not one of the best....

And still remember this old one?


  1. Sukaaaa foto yang paling bawaaaahhh
    *well except for the poor iler* :D
    Warnanya bagus sih :D :D

  2. Thank you. That was taken by my old trustee Samsung camera phone. See why I miss that phone and hate the current one?

  3. Good coloring from the old Samsung Phone ya, compared to the Nokia's. Nevertheless, all the photos are still soooo likeable :D :D


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