Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Dog & the Baby

Did anybody notice the high incidence of doggie-&-baby photos lately?
Yeah, I thought so too.
But then, this Mama thinks, why not go the whole mile and post photos from days when Baby was still a wee baby? So, here goes. Quite a trip down memory lane, I'd say so myself.

The Wee Baby & the not-so-wee-Dog
When the Baby first came home, we were a bit hesitant to bring them together cause we weren't sure if they will get along. Ha! It turned out the Dog quickly took it upon herself the honor of guarding the Baby. On the Baby's feet at night (when the room is cold), and under the bed in the afternoons. I still remember the Baby's Eyang complaining that she got growled at for checking on the Baby. To think that we were all staying at Eyang's place then.

Good friends
Well, then the Baby grew a bit, and sat up, and learn to scold the Dog. Well, she's bossy, even when she was still a wee Baby. Thank God for such a patient, loving Dog.

And so they got along. Thank goodness.
In fact, the Dog is so protective of the Baby that not only she growled at the Baby's Eyang, but whenever the Baby cried (read: bawled), ahem, you'll hear a counter-howl from the Dog.
Those baby-dog howl chorus did not really make for a smooth learning experience for this Mama. But boy it was interesting. That's what counts, right?

The Dog had to stay back at Opa Oma's place while we got settled Singapore. Oma even got a special gate made for the Dog. But at least the Baby still got to see the Dog on her trips to the grandparents' house. And she remembered enough not to be afraid of the Dog! But then I suppose maybe from her point of view, the Dog is simply one huge furry soft toy which happen to be alive. Soft fur, to occasional wet, slobbery licks... hmm... what to be afraid of? None, as far as the baby is concerned.

I'd say the Baby is not satisfied with the gate separating her from the Dog. Haha..

The Shepherd and her Charge
And so the Dog made it to the Philippines, and the two were reunited. By the way, the picture above is very misleading, as still images often are. It may look like an image of a shepherd (boy! thanks to the short hair and the attire) and her (his) docile charge. But see them in action and you would see that the truth is more of the Dog roaming the yard followed by the Kid. It's still a shepherd and her charge, just not sure which one is the shepherd and which one the charge.

Water spray bottle!
But of course the Baby grows like every day. And she learned that Mama's spray bottle plus the Dog make for a fun game around the house.
So the Dog gave a HUGE sigh, make her move away from the Baby, got sprayed, and move again, and sigh again, and gave Mama a forlorn look. Ah well, as long as the Little One is happy.

Walkies time
Nowadays, the Little One is big enough to hold the Dog's leash.

Yah, well, I guess kids do grow up, even if it seems like forever when it's happening. I might think differently next time, you'll never know. Ask me again in a few years.


  1. Love ALL the pictures!!!
    Lucu benarr... benar sungguh dari kecil sampai gede ya.. ih gemes ><

  2. Hehehe, iya. kan fotonya Chitra kan buanyak buanget. I suppose it's good to have more of this kind of 'series' featuring a mix of both past and present photos


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