Tuesday, October 19, 2010


 That morning, instead of reaching for one of her many clothes,
The Little One actually pulled one of Mama's clothes, a mango coloured tank top.
Ah well, since it does not get much use, why not?
And so it happened that when the Little One ran to hide behind the curtain, she was still in that mango coloured top
And this Mama thought, what a pretty picture!
And she went SNAP SNAP SNAP...

Well, the photos did look good on the tiny eeny weeny camera screen
On the computer screen.... well, they still have potential
So... after some editing on Picnik...

StudioMAMA photos:

And some notes while you are enjoying the photos:

 The Idea
You know how people likes to have studio photos of their kids?
Baby in the cup, baby dressed up as something, etc etc etc.
Well, now I have one too.
Just that instead of having it done in a professional studio by a strange photographer,
It's done at home, by Mama

Ah well, in any case, given such an opportunity,
Great lighting, beautiful vibrant colour, absolutely natural expressions...
I can't simply let the opportunity pass, can I?

The Editing

So we had some potential photos.
But they need editing. Lots.
So what do we do?
Well, we have Photoshop, but one look at the complicated panel convinced this Mama that it will take WAY too long to use Photoshop, learning process and all.

And so it was back to Picnik.
Some effects (Ortonish, a bit of sepia, softener), some stickers, some fancy fonts, and some fancy frames...


The Editing Time

Well, the photos were taken Sunday.
Editing was done by Monday,
Only left the writing.
Ha! Let's just see how long it will take.

Anyway, do you actually read the text, or you just enjoy the visuals?
I tend towards the latter, actually.


You did good, Mama!
The Comments?

Ah, ya. Of course Mama would LOVE to hear your comments.
So, just one comment from this Mama, and then please feel free to use the comment feature below.

The Mama comment?
Ahm, actually these pictures somewhat remind me of pre-wedding pictures.
You know, those of the bride?
Especially the first photo in the blog. Kekekeke...
What do you think?


  1. Wao, foto pertama sangat indah, gayanya, warnanya, yang pasti semuanya bagus. Sudah bisa jadi studio profesional. Great ...

  2. Haha, makasi makasi. Aku bilang sih kayak foto prewedding, kekekeke


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