Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Slope, the Baby & the Dog

Ah, the slope at the back of the house.

I'd say we have gotten very familiar with the slope all right,
Tracking the whole length and height of it at anytime during the day, be it early morning, midday, even after sundown,
All thanks to the Dog, and her accomplice, the Little One.

Let me explain.

A few weeks back, the Dog (being female) got her period, and somehow developed an attraction for a certain neighbour's dog who lived somewhere beyond that Slope.

Not wanting any pups, we try to keep the Dog in.
So she will sit by the back door, looking forlorn.
And the accomplice will come, and kindly obliged her by opening the door,
And WOOF! A big yellow cloud of fur will be seen shooting out.

So... the Little One would shout to call the Dog (to no avail, needless to say)
Followed with calls for her shoes and Mama to get the Dog.
And up the Slope we would go, looking for the Dog, who would usually be found that the said neighbour's house, waiting for her 'friend'.

I guess in a way it's good, the walking up and down the slope, for it kind of give us the opportunity to be outside, maybe get a bit of morning sun, fresh air, that kind of thing.
Just have to make sure that we don't break any of our collective legs (8 in total) going up and down the mildly treacherous terrain of the Slope.

In any case, the Little One also managed to discover some 'toys' while outside looking for the Dog.

A telescope.

Haha... really?

Nah, it's actually an abandoned boat/skiff or a water recreation thingy. I used to think it was some sort of decoration, but now that I know better, it's abandoned. For sure.

Here's a better picture of the abandoned boat/skiff/whatever that is.

Hmm.. it would seem that the Little One knows a thing or two about posing in front of the camera.

Mama knows only how to take picture.
Well.. at least it makes Mama's job easier.
I have to say that it looked as if she's advertising that bottle of milk, though.
(The pic must have been taken sometime in the morning while she's having her 'breakfast' and then let the Dog out)

This is the bus stop right across the house of the Dog's 'friend' where we usually ended up, especially during midday when the sun is REALLY hot.

The finger pointing?

Ah, that's the spot where Mama had been ordered to sit at.

And all of these, just so the Dog can have some time with her 'friend'.
(I guess there are deeper reasons, those that have to do with nature, but since this is more or less a 'baby' blog, we shall keep it at that, ya?)

So.. lastly, presenting, the Dog and her 'friend'.

A little end note, some of you might be aware that the Dog seems to be consistent in her choice of 'friend'. I remember around the time the Little One was born, the Dog was also falling for a similar looking dog that roamed the neighbourhood. What do you think?

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