Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mama dreaming ...

Someday, this Mama would finally be able to master the art of capturing gently flowing, serenely beautiful bubbles using her camera while still enjoying the moment with her daughter

Failing which, this Mama would finally master some cool photo editing software,
Which would enable her to draw the curlicues, the bubbles as her vision demands,
Instead of settling for sorry confetti, the only option available nearest to her vision. Hiks.

Someday, someday....

In the meantime...

As the weather continues to flip indecisively between sunny and torrential rains,  we continue to chase little opportunities to catch the moment, utilizing the sun/the rain that comes our way.
After all, there is always an upside to everything, isn't there?

How about you? Any dreams behind your wings somewhere?

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