Friday, January 28, 2011

Little Girl & Skool

4 weeks into the school term, I think both the Little One and this Mama had come to term about the minutiae involved with a kid going to school. Well.. somewhat.
The uniform, the waking up early, the snacks, the filling up the time... well.. especially the waking up early. And for that part, even Daddy had some getting used to. He arrives at the office pretty early nowadays, right after he drop us at school.

It had been an interesting journey so far, though. And since it's a bit hard to share that bit about waking up early in pictures (this Mama not being an early riser, herself, hohoho), let's just share the bit about the uniform.

1st day of Skool: Kimono
Kecil attended the school on the first school day this year in this Kimono suit she got from her friend, Little Lady A. It was only after that first day that we hit the idea of using Kecil's friend's uniform, Little Lady N, who left in preparation for her baby sister's arrival.
So we did not get a set of brand new uniform, then we hit a snag.

Day 2 till 10 (or thereabouts) : white Ts and Uniform shorts
Kecil recognized the uniform as something that her friend had worn before, and she flat refused to wear the shirt. Only the shorts.
Did I say flat refused? Oh, yes I did. Because that is indeed what happened.
No matter how sleepy she was, how groggy in the morning, she WOULD check on what Mama tried to put on her, and promptly screamed her disapproval when she found out that I tried to slip her the shirt. Ahem.

And so, I think on the third week of school, on the day when everybody wears the same uniform, I brought the shirt to her teacher and asked if maybe she can help with the problem.
The teacher managed to come up with a brilliant idea of assigning a special name for the shirt, the BEE shirt (there's a bee illustration in front), and somehow managed to get Kecil into the said shirt.
That was on a Friday.
The following Monday, voila! no more tantrums, just eagerness to put on the Bee Shirt.

Day 11-13: Proper uniform, bag & not so proper Crocs
Maybe it also helped that by then she also got the bag as an additional 'sign' for school.

The next problem, then, was the shoes. The pink ones pictured above was still slightly too big, but her other one was falling apart. In any case, I would like her in socks and shoes, instead of just Crocs, so she can be jumping and running around with better foot protection.
THAT shoeing process took more effort around more refusal, which was finally solved by pointing out that Daddy wears socks as well.

Until in the end, up to this point anyway, we have this lovely school girl that I barely recognize:

Proper school uniform, finally!

I am sure there are still other challenges ahead, but for the time being, I think I'll be content in celebrating smaller victories, like getting her into uniform each day, feeding her (and her Daddy) some sort of breakfast every morning, waking up on time... those kind of things.

There are still battles to be fought each day, so I am going back to plan for the next one, with the hope of managing with the challenges better than I have done so far.
Wishing you victories on your daily battles as well!

Kecil after school: still not willing to let go of the uniform

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  1. Hooo she's so cute!!
    I just realized I haven't visited your blogs in days, and it's a sweet thing to see you've been updating your blogs so often, I got several new posts to read.. Yayness!! :D :D


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