Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Round Up

Our 'loot' this Christmas, all stacked under the Christmas tree
Ah, indeed we are so blessed this year with such a stack of 'loot', some presents from Daddy's working colleague, some presents for the Little One, and of course, some props (the Kancil, yellow chair and the white box at the bottom).

It went without saying that the Little One collected the most presents. But then again, I guess, the joy she got from getting those presents is wonderful enough present for the parents.

Little One's new toys
So, clockwise from top left:
:: the Little One ironing with her new 'iron' (which Mama got her just so she stops playing with the real iron)
:: Little Gadgets: new iron, pink phone (from Daddy) and a fancy plastic handphone (from Nata)
:: Little Tools: a adjustable wrench, saw, pairs of nuts and bolt, and a hammer. She absolutely adores her tools, which she would use everywhere anytime around the house. Totally brings a whole new meaning to "she bangs", I tell you!
:: Little Cars, literally, chosen to imitate the cars in her life: Daddy's car (which, although similarly red, is not a Beemer like the small one), and buses (well, don't you think VW Combi looks like a bus?)

I think it's a bit beyond this Mama to chase the Little One around to get pictures of her with every single one of her presents. I would give you this, though, which is the present was a total hit the moment it was opened and set up.
Little One and her Daddy in the new tent
Ah... such a sight!

And just one last picture of what has become of the Christmas tree nowadays:

Little One peeking from her 'new' hidey hole

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