Friday, December 31, 2010

Being Thankful

Mama & Baby

As the year's end approaches, this happy Mama and Little One think that it's a good opportunity to remind ourselves to be thankful (Also, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, so... this is as good as anytime, one supposes)
And so we are thankful, not so much for this great person I am proud to call my daughter, for she is, indeed, absolutely wonderful.
But we have a whole blog dedicated to that!
But we would like to be thankful for all the other things that made our lives so... beautiful as it is now.

:: for a Daddy who is so understanding for this Mama's need for expression
:: for families at home, with their emails of appreciation, words of encouragement, gifts of delightful stuff (such as the dresses, the soft toys, the sheer excitement of receiving something from the mail)
:: for a Dog who is so tolerant of the Little One's antic
:: for an indispensable help, provided by one kind soul by the tittle of Tita, for keeping our house clean, our laundry ironed and this Mama sane (for all the time away from home/Little One that this Mama really needs, to study, to write, to think, to shop!.... for groceries, I tell you. Seriously!)
:: for new friends, in this alien land, even amongst people of so different backgrounds 
:: for old friends, for keeping in touch

There are simply to many things to be thankful for, from the mundane (the weather) to the profound (the meaning of life. ha!).
But we are grateful.

And for all the readers out there, for rooting for this blog to go on, thank you.
We do hope you will stay around, and continue with your support.

Wishing you a Happy, Wonderful, Hopeful, brand new year!

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