Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New Dress from Mama

The New Dress
A post for a dress? This Mama must be running out of ideas, you said.
But hey! This is a special dress! For one, it was modified from Mama's own clothing.
Two, ha! it's Mama's first try on such modification (DIY handsewing, no less!)

Well... I did write a bit on the 'history' of the 'new' dress here. But if you are not inclined to read such a long, winding story, the paragraph above should be sufficient reason for posting it here.

The reception?
The Little One apparently loves it. Even Daddy looked somewhat in awe. So.. this Mama is happy.
I believe there are still quite a few unused garments at various corners of the house. Now just need to find the inspiration and the time to make something equally awesome. Hahaha!

Here's some pics of the Little One with her new dress:

New dress, new dress!

Perfect for outdoor wear

Not too long

Perfect for running around

It even matches the dog!

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