Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Queen of the Playground

Little One on the See Saw

Even back in her younger (read: shorter, smaller, slightly less mobile) days...
(look at her hair! It wasn't curly then, and so short. And the shoes! She has long outgrown them)
the Little One had loved going to the playground.
Well.. I guess what kind of kid doesn't. At the very least, it breaks the monotony of home, right?
And since there was one barely 5 minutes walk away from home, she started learning to play in the playground pretty quickly.

It helped also that the Little One got to watch other kids playing using the stuff, so she was motivated to learn to use the stuff just as the other (bigger) kids.
See saw used to be one of Mama's favorite. Now that the Kid is bigger (and heavier)... ahem.

So now that she is bigger (with curlier hair, faster feet, nimbler reflexes, better coordination and all that jazz), the Little One has 'graduated' to other playgrounds further away from home.
Oh, she still loves going to her old playground, the one nearest to the house, but the other playgrounds are now also included in the must-visit list on our daily walkies.
In fact, I do believe that the word 'walk' for her is not so much 'walking the dog' as it is 'visiting her friend or the playground or both'. Hmmm....

Anyway, along the way of her 'graduation', she has gone to conquer greater heights:
Little Girl coming down from the slide
Oh yes, she's conquered the slide all right, then she moved on to climbing slides again... from the other direction.

Climbing up ON the slide
And then naturally, she has to conquer the climbing thingy on ALL sides

Climbing the vertical ladder
On top of the structure

Oh, and by the way, did I mention she was fast?
You see that's why when it gets to this climbing structure thingy, I can only get pictures of her from the back.
Here's what I got when I tried to take her photo from the front:

Her royal shoulder
Yeah. You see, the combination of a nimble kid and a slow camera simply do not mix very well.

Now as for other things in the playground...
On the yellow 'horse' with my 'saddle bag'
She's finally tall enough to climb on these things unassisted!

On the swing... sitting

And of course, what playground would be complete without a set of swings?

Then, do you still remember me mentioning about bigger kids in the playground?
Yeah, then one of them actually stood on the swing. So... what a Little Copycat to do?
Why, try to stand on one as well, of course!

(She really did, but this Mama didn't get the photo quick enough, so she was already squatting down)

On the swing... copycat-ing
For safety, there is a wall separating the swing set from the rest of the playground. But with holes like that, perfect for little hands and feet, how can a little girl resist the urge to climb and conquer the wall?
Climbing the wall
(Not to worry, this Mama kept one hand on the camera and the other just beyond the view to prevent the Kid from falling. At ALL times)

So after congratulating myself for not letting the Kid fall off anything, may I present you then, the Queen of the Playground

My Queen of the Playground

(the Kid was certainly humoring me. But I am fairly certain I can hear her thinking : Stop talking nonsense, Mama and come along, slide with me. 
So... yes, Kiddo. Mama will be there shortly)

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