Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Such thoughfulness...

There are two inspirations for this post. One is a similarly title post I did long time ago, which you can find here.
The second is the photo above, in comparison with the rest of the photos.

There was a time between the plan to move and the actual move itself when neither Mama or Daddy was available to take care of the Little One. Of course, she was received with abundance of enthusiasm by grandparents from both sides. But there are times when we wonder if there was some effect to that separation from Mama and Daddy.
We thought that for a while, she lost her careless cheer, her natural thoughtless joy.
And in place, there is that slight insecurity, some deep thought hidden deep inside, which was captured in the picture above.

After more than a year with Mama and Daddy pretty much constantly around, we like to think that she is very much back to the happy baby she was, even if she can hardly be called a baby anymore.

You be the judge. The photos below are her most recent expressions as captured by StudioMama. Enjoy!

Still thoughtful, but looks more like thinking some naughty things to do!

On her current favorite 'toy', if you can ever call a step ladder a toy.
But then again, she make such beautiful subject on that ladder. I think you should be prepared for more pictures of baby on the ladder.

Here's another one....

Absolutely adorable
I guess the next picture might explain her 'obsession' for ladders. After all,  the girl goes absolutely gaga over slides in the playground.

Climbing the slide
I am quite proud of that one, I have to say. It was not an easy one to take.
You would understand once you realize that part of the reason why she's smiling so happily is because of the prospect of pushing Mama down the slide.
Of course, Mama is also to blame for providing incentive for her to do that by giving such theatrical performance of sliding down. Oh well... anything to amuse my child.

The budding stylist
But then again, for a child with such sweet smile? Why not?
Do note the way she wore the shirt, though.
It started one day when I put her in a shirt that is slightly too loose. She found out that she can actually move her hand from the proper hole to the neck hole. Now she loves to do that on any shirt that would give.
The budding stylist indeed. Wonder where she got the 70s outlook though.
Asymmetrical tops. Good Lord!

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