Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have written before about this Baby's lack of 'real toys' here.
As you can see, there is no obvious lack of toys, really.
This Mama is still having the same reluctance to buy toys indiscriminately.
Especially given that the Little One has the tendency to use anything and everything as toys, not just limited to softies and 'real toys'.

For example, given our daily walks with Penny, there is no lack of opportunity to stop at the nearby playground and use the facilities.
Of course, her highness' current favorite is the slide. Just look at that happy face.

And then of course there are the odd stuff that we pick up for the house. Like these pinwheels.
(by the way, the pink one is already broken. Courtesy of the Little One. Who else?)

Of course, when there is nothing else, even the empty water bottle will do. As for the swimming goggles on the floor.....

 Let's just say she loves playing with them, OK? Apparently it's more interesting, more fun or whatever with the clothes off.

She's gotten quite attached to the baby stroller, especially after the trip to HongKong where I guess the stroller became a sort of security blanket in a practically alien new surrounding.
This picture was taken after I washed the attachment. I was trying to put it back on the stroller but someone already got it first.

This 'hobby' to use stuff in the house for toys is not a recent one. In fact, the picture below is taken when she was smaller. (Check out the hair, it was still so short back then. Plus, that set of clothes still fit then.)

Apparently not so many people actually realize that she is so Little she can squeeze into that cabinet. But the first time she did it, she did almost give me a heart attack. One because I couldn't find her, Two because the door suddenly moved by itself (or so I thought).

Of course nowadays she has 'graduated' to the bigger cabinet. Although there are still times when she would go back to that corner cubicle.
By the way, given the cabinet's position right next to the toilet, I actually have to block the cabinet when the Little girl says Wee wee. Otherwise, instead of going into the toilet to do business, she will hide in the cabinet.
Well.. at least she has no accident so far in the cabinet.

Well it's been a long post. I hope you enjoy reading it. There are still a lot of photos pending editing and finding content. Let's all pray for the creative juices to flow well, especially during this holiday season.

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