Monday, January 17, 2011


Curious Cousin
As a child who grew up away from a close presence of the extended family, I rarely got to see my cousins. In the Little One's case, she not only lives far away from everyone, she does not have any direct cousin yet, being the first and only grandchild so far.

As it happened, though, we chanced upon the Little One's cousin (once removed) in Singapore while we were on holiday the other day. It took a while, but they manage to relate after a while, thanks to some technology called games on iPhone, ha!

They look cute together.
My hope is that although they may not meet so often (their last 'meeting' was when Little One was still in the stomach!), they would become friends as individuals through their own right, just with that extra ties that spell FAMILY.
Once she's on her globetrotting days, the Little One can always learn the usefulness of having cousins and friends across the globe who can be counted upon to spare a couch and some meal as you travel. Hahaha...

Friends & Cousins


  1. Waaaa itu ketemu siapa itu namanya... :))
    Lucunyaaaaaa XD

  2. Itu ketemu Jaxith namanya. Iya, memang lucu. Patwatoay pula anaknya. I still want to play with him. hihihi...


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