Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Box

Kecil on the sidewalk following the Dog
There are days when all we did seems to be going out for walkies
But there are also days when all we did was to stay at home, messing up the house, doing whatever crazy stuff that Mama thought of in the name of (hopefully) nurturing creativity and what nots
Like painting a cardboard box

Kecil painting on the Box
The story was that the long-empty house next door finally got an occupant last week
Arriving in the middle of the night, we only woke up the following day to a huge stack of empty boxes unpacked by the movers
And all Mama could think of was how fantastic those boxes would be to play with
So we took a box.
Well.. actually we took a few, plus some packing materials which Mama thought could be use for all kinds of things
Unfortunately the garbage men took them, with the exception of one box that Kecil had painstakingly dragged inside for immediate usage.
And that was how we ended up with our canvas for that day.

Kecil crying, standing in the Box

So we painted, and drew, and then apparently Mama made Kecil cry due to some inconsiderate painting of Kecil's drawing space. Hmmppttffftttt!
But hey, the box is still there, serving as a hiding place, a peek-a-boo facilitator (Kecil would hide inside and burst open, giggling crazily), a dog house (for imaginary dog, not the Dog. The Dog wouldn't get anywhere too close to the box!), all in all a multi purpose toy indeed.
And me thinks I should really stop buying Kecil toys but rather source for more material like the box. Ha!

Kecil painting on the Box

As usual, I guess Mama is just a fan of the idea of open-ended, cheap toys made of things that is available around the house.
How about you? You have any fantastic make-shift toys at home?

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