Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Children at play sign amidst tree branches

While we were out walking the other day, we came across a garage sale near the Korean church.
It was a good thing that Mama brought her wallet for walkies that day, because we did end up picking up something from the sale.

Kecil carrying a pink rectangular case

Kecil with the mystery case
Any guess yet? It was long, and pink, and came in a (nice, fake leather, semi hard) pink case... What could it be?


It was a melodica!
Well.. actually in Indonesian we called it a pianika, and truth to be told, Mama had wanted one since she was small.
It just did not make sense back then as we did have a piano at home.
Of course, these days here, we don't have a piano.
And this Mama thought that something mechanical (it has to be blown to make sound!) would last longer than something that requires batteries.
Let's just say this Mama does not have the best relationship with batteries, yes?
Kecil trying to fix the pianika's mouthpiece

Kecil playing the pianika indoor
Kecil is very happy with her new toy. She wanted to try it immediately, although Mama did not quite let her do that until we cleaned the melodica up.
The mouthpieces, as per Daddy's instruction, was actually washed with some high-grade alcohol! We are still far from raising a music prodigy, but still, it's quite fun to see the Kid toot tooting the melodica, which she has dubbed "Nica!" (from pianika). By the way, she does know how to fix the mouthpiece on, take it off, and put away the whole set into the case!
The forlorn Dog
Unfortunately Kecil likes to hit the high notes (and dissonant chords), which definitely causes the Dog the occasional headache. In fact, this morning, we, the parents, also got a semi headache as Kecil found the pianika in the room and started using it on us as an alarm clock. Doh! Still, three cheers for emerging musical talent, no?
Kecil and her pianika

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