Friday, November 25, 2011

Mama's camera dilemma

Mirror image of Kecil on the carousel
Camera-phone (edited): A carousel ride at the Mall
There are so many times that Kecil would go out with Mama and Daddy, and the camera would be left at home, resulting in no ... documentation. Or if there is any, they are of pretty bad quality (read: not to be released to the world before some tampering/beautifying efforts).

Mama & Kecil taking self photo in the restroom mirror
Camera-phone (edited): Narcissism 101, ahem.
Admittedly, bringing a huge DSLR to the toilet just for a quick snap after toilet break might be a bit too much. At the same time, perhaps the DSLR in question would have captured that precious expression (and the spirit of her antics) so much better than the much reviled camera phone did.

Kecil looking somewhere behind the camera
DSLR (SOOC): Something funny on the restaurant wall? (Note the lack of ... anything else interesting to capture)

There are times when Mama had already made the effort of lugging that huge piece of equipment only to end up having meal at a woefully uninspiring venue. Hmmpphhh..... Well, I suppose not every outing turn out to be a great photo op opportunity like that weekend horse-ride, no?

Kecil with helmet at the waterfall
DSLR (SOOC): Taking a break at the waterfall during horse riding

Still, on the very days when Mama did not have the 'good camera', we'll have things such as these:
Kecil riding carousel
Camera-phone (edited): the same carousel ride

Kecil playing with her umbrella in school uniform
Camera-phone (SOOC*): Going to Skool in the morning
Kecil and Dhira
Camera-phone (SOOC): Visiting her friend straight after Skool

Pictures that really make Mama's eyes itch straight out of camera. Arrrr!!!!!
And so we are looking into rectifying the situation, and hopefully increasing the average quality of pics that we have here on this space, while not missing a beat in our day to day coverage of Kecil and her antics. After all, isn't that what this blog is all about?

Kecil swimming with her Lion King float
DSLR (edited): Swimming at the end of a hot day
*SOOC= Straight Out of the Camera

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