Saturday, November 19, 2011

not so little anymore

Kecil close up
Everybody knows how fast kids grow up. They do so in a blink of an eye. Seriously.
(What? You did not know? Well, NOW you know!)
And given the title of this blog, "not so little anymore", one would think that this Mama really knows that particular fact of life, no?
Well... theoretically, yes. But in reality?
It was just something that has to hit like a brick between the eyes, I guess.
Like when I posted Kecil's pic with her Daddy at the coffee joint the other day:

Kecil and Daddy at the coffee joint
Followed with the discovery of some vintage photos from outings of days gone by:

Daddy and a smaller, younger Kecil
Dear God! Was she really ever that small?
Apparently yes. Ahem. Here are a few more:

An almost hairless Kecil in babychair
 Awww! for the barely there hair!

Kecil in baby chair at home
And oh, this Mama still remembers that colorful pillow that we bought to 'boost' the comfort factor of the baby chair. It was soon booted out due to practical considerations. (Messy eater does not mix well with pillows in her seat)

Days of being parents have its own challenges, but they do come with so many rewards. No least the privilege of watching the Kid grows. Literally.
As days progress and the only growth we, adults, seem to experience is the horizontal kind (ahem!), isn't it nice to look at these little beings and watch them bloom into a real person each day?

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