Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday ...

Kecil's Sunday close-up
... was a day for posing again, under the sun, at a new location, in a favorite dress

Kecil following Daddy towards the bunker
... was a day to follow Daddy to try a new eatery in town

Kecil blocking the yellow door
... and close down the said establishment should the verdict came out bad.
(Ahem.. just kidding, of course. We actually had a good time there. Eating. 
And taking pictures, obviously!)

Kecil posing with peace sign
Sunday ... was also a day to perfect things being done during the weekdays.
In our case, it was posing with the peace sign.
She got the direction wrong. I guess we are still working on it. Hmm...

Kecil on Daddy's shoulder looking up to the sky
Sunday ... was also a day to admire the blue sky and enjoy some sun ... 
on Daddy's shoulder, under Mama's pink, wide brimmed hat.

Kecil sitting on Daddy's shoulder
T'was a good Sunday.
We hope you had a good weekend too!

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