Friday, November 11, 2011

The Coffee Joint

Kecil & Daddy at the coffee joint

At the end of the long weekend, with the intermittent rains and the lower temperature, we decided to dress up the Kid a bit and visit the Coffee joint.

Kecil, if you must know, had always been a big fan of the coffee joint.

A smaller Kecil sipping coffee from the joint

Kecil sipping coffee

Kecil sipping coffee
Mama just does not quite believe in paying exorbitant amount of money for the privilege of drinking overly sweet coffee out of a plastic cup with a green straw.Still... I guess it's fine as the occasional treat.
The joint, after all, does boast a cosy ambience.
And at this time of the year, with the kind of weather on that day, it really felt Christmassy.
Of course, the fact that the Christmas decorations (and some of the treats) are up might also have something to do with that.

Daddy pointing at the snowman cookie

A partially eaten snowman and frothy pink drink

Kecil devouring the cookie

Another bite into the cookie
Did I mention Christmas treat? Yes, as a matter of fact, I did.
And of course, Kecil was so totally into the snowman ginger bread.
Daddy had S'mores while Mama picked a pandesal.
As for coffee... ha, if you think I would let Kecil get a way with a whole cup of manic-inducing-overly-sweet-concoction at my expense, you can try again. She's welcome to take a sip or two from Mama or Daddy's cup but not a cup on her own.


Kecil looking sideways

Kecil next to the table
We had quite a good time at the joint, sipping at our drinks and nibbling our various bits.
Kecil also had fun looking around, exploring the corner of our seat, and looking cute while doing that.
In fact, the people at the next table were (I believe) trying (and failing) to inconspicuously take pics of the Little One in her antics.
When I asked Kecil to wave at them (she did!), in fact we got a resounding chorus of hi's from the group of 5.
Ahem. Local celebrity.

Oh well. I guess it's tough being cute as a button. Haha....

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