Sunday, November 6, 2011

Back on her feet

Kecil climbing @playground

As you can see, despite her boo boo, Kecil quickly recovered.
Two days since she got her stitches, we went on to the big playground, where Kecil went right into climbing the various obstacles available.

Kecil looking down @playground

It was a gray kind of day, with an overcast sky and chill winds blowing.
Mama can actually envision some fog coming, misting the pine trees.. and suddenly remembering a scene of acres of tea plantations....
Hmm.. me thinks Mama is slightly homesick.

But anyway, as you recall, the playground has one grandma of a slide, the major attraction of the playground. So of course, Kecil had to climb that one, boo boo or no boo boo.

Climbing the big slide 1

Climbing the big slide 2

Well, there might be some question about whether Mama should let Kecil loose so fast after her accident. But hey, with that kind of expression (full of glee, mischief, full of life!), this Mama will not be the one stopping her.

At the top of the big slide

Sliding down the big slide

Standing on the big slide

Reaching the top, sliding down, giving Mama yet another heart attack (yikes!)
Ah well, Cil. Have fun and enjoy yourself. Do take care, but not to worry, Mama will be here somewhere, just in case.

Kecil on top of the big slide with airplane in the background

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