Thursday, December 1, 2011

Walkies with a friend

There are times when walkies are made more challenging, with the lack of a proper vehicle (the bike sustained some damage through the weekend when Daddy was not home), uncooperative weather (slight, intermittent drizzles) as well as an additional participant.

But I guess, there is always the case of making lemonade when the world throws you lemons.
Make the best of what you've got!
And we did have fun. Great fun! And Mama feels that the risk taken by taking TWO active little girls out for walkies on a CLOUDY day without BACKUP transportation was justified.
Especially with the returns that we got.

Still remember the drizzle I told you about? What happened when there's rain and sunshine at the same time?
Haha.. you got it. We had a beautiful rainbow that day.
And TWO very fascinated little girls squatting side by side on the road.

As I said before, it was a good walkie. Even when Mama was only planning to take a short one.
We ended up being out for almost an hour. But it was fun. And we so do look forward for the next one.
Until then!

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