Tuesday, December 13, 2011

OUR new toy

Still remember Mama's camera dilemma and her love/hate relationship with her phone camera?
Well, here's hoping that we have put an end to all that.
Right before Daddy's business trip the other day, Mama must have put a fine bee buzzing in his head about this camera thingy, he actually came back with a nifty point and shoot, from Olympus Tough series, a cool baby-proof Kecil-proof camera.

It is OURS, not just Mama's or Kecil's, but shared.
We have been playing with it for a while, and it's a fun little thing. We are expecting great things from having this gadget in our arsenal, for sure. In the meantime, Kecil is happily snapping away with OUR new camera:

Just expect many more Kecil shots in the near future as we get better acquainted with our new toy.

How about you? Any new gadget in your arsenal lately?


  1. The name says it: TOUGH!
    Hahaha I just read this today, how exciting! :))

  2. Btw... I'm so planning to buy new gadget(s), but still in arranging the finance hahaha

  3. Yes, Tante. TOUGH indeed.
    Just looking forward to using it in the pool since it's supposed to be waterproof as well!


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