Monday, December 12, 2011

Skool mornings

This week being the last week of Skool for the year 2011, Mama thought it would be cool to share some pics of Kecil's day in Skool. This has long been on Mama's to-do list and was finally possible with the help of a particular new toy (one that is less intrusive to be brought into the Skool as compared to the Big Camera). Plus, there is one additional reason, which we'll touch only at the end of the post.

When Kecil gets to Skool on time (90% of the time), the day would start with playing at the play room while we wait for the rest of the students to arrive.

While playing together is de rigueur, there are times when reading on your own is a better way to start your day.

There are usually some scrambling for each kid's shoes when it was time to go to classrooms.

And finally, we get to the classroom! Pretty late in the Skool year, we don't really have a lot of scenes from the students, but we still do have some anxious guardian watching from the door (and some nosy Mama snapping pictures, as well! Ha!).

Oh, you still remember that 'additional reason' that I mentioned earlier at the top of the post? Hmm... somehow today, despite having started (and weathered) Skool since almost a year ago, Kecil refused to be left behind by Mama today! The moment Mama was not in her line of sight, she started bawling. Loudly.
And while she was not bawling, she kept checking for Mama. Le sigh....
Of course this has to happen on the week when Mama has deadlines.

Oh well... at least you get to see how Kecil's Skool mornings are like. There will be a Christmas party this Friday as well, so I'm sure we'll get some coverage on that.
Until then!

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