Friday, December 2, 2011

Kecil said...

Photo wall
As Kecil grows to be more and more articulate, Mama thought we should also set a side some space to record her 'speeches'. As you all know, Little People often makes the most insightful observations. And hence, we hope there will be a series like this, aptly named Kecil said ...

Mama and one of her sisters are very much alike. For many years, we have met with comments that roughly amounts to: "You two look so similar!", "You are very hard to differentiate", "You are like twins"
You get the gist, no?
But nobody summed it up better than the Little One that day, while she was looking at the photo wall above.
"That's Tante, that's Mama, that's Mama some more!";
Oh, she has a way with words, all right.


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