Sunday, December 4, 2011

Birthday party

Kecil & Mama waiting for the bus
Kecil's Pink dress got another use last week as we went for Kecil's classmate's Birthday celebration in town. Having received her invitation during the UN day, the event had been wildly anticipated. Perhaps it's Mama's fault, but it would seem that Kecil had developed her preconceptions of what constitutes a 'proper Birthday party', namely that it should include some candle blowing, Birthday cakes, toots, and hats.Oh, and of course, bringing presents for the Birthday girl/boy.
Good thing she was not disappointed that day.
Kecil and her Dora hat

Kecil looking on in her Dora hat
Kecil took her present-giving very seriously, so once we got to the venue, she made a straight bee-line for the Birthday girl to deliver her present. In return, Kecil was so excited to get her share of the various Dora merchandise, both as part of loot as well as a reward for her participation in the various games being organized.

Kecil holding balloon

Kecil getting ready to play
Games? Why, yes, games. There was the fetching the balloon game, the race with the balloon between your legs game, there's even a wishing-the-longest-Happy-Birthday game. She actually took part in all three (No pics of actual action because Mama was busy coaching then). She even did her part of the Chucky dance, which involve some shaking of her body. Hahaha...
Kecil playing with her Dora pencil
Of course, I am not too sure if she is really into the games or if she is just looking for more Dora stuff. She did come home with a veritable stack of loot from the party.
There was just one time when she faltered, that was when the 'guest of honor' arrived.
Chuckie, the KFC mascot
Ugh Ogh. Kecil did NOT like the chicken. In fact, she was absolutely terrified of it. Many days after the party, she would still talk about that scary, big, white chicken. With Christmas coming, Mama is just wondering about Kecil's reaction with the ubiquitous Santa Claus. Hmmm....

Kecil and Mama looking on
Still, I think we had great fun at the party. Thank you for Thea and her family for inviting us. Happy (belated) Birthday and all the best wishes!

Happy Birthday, Thea!

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